Adobe XD MAX Release

over 4 years ago from Meenal Relekar, Product Marketing Manager- Adobe XD

  • Meenal Relekar, over 4 years ago

    Thanks Dustin for sharing your feedback. could you please elaborate what capabilities you would like to have in XD for Layer and Symbol management.

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    • Dustin Dahlberg, over 4 years ago

      For one, selecting layers from different groups is impossible, which makes layout way more difficult than it has to be.

      Symbol management is way easier in sketch as well. I don't have to find the symbol in my document somewhere and edit it there if I have to make a change.

      You can also pull symbols from libraries without having to open another document in Sketch.

      And finally, while this is a plugin, duplicate in Craft for Sketch is way easier to adjust content without affecting all of the objects in the list. Right now if I adjust content in one object in XD it changes in all of them.

      That's just off the top of my head.

      EDIT: as others have noted, guides aren't a thing, and you can't resize symbols without affecting all of them. Those are a couple of the other issues I've run into in the past.

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