Adobe XD MAX Release

over 4 years ago from Meenal Relekar, Product Marketing Manager- Adobe XD

  • Nicholas van der WalleNicholas van der Walle, over 4 years ago

    I think it was an astonishing MAX keynote today. I was even blown away by projects I will probably never need. To start the session with basics in PS that everybody has been asking for for years was genius. And then it just ramped up.

    And we're really proud to now be part of the fledgling Adobe XD plugin ecosystem with the new Astui service ( But to qualify this, today we also released the same vector path optimisation (Smart Point Removal) plugin functionality for Sketch and Illustrator. From my viewpoint, I think the XD extension framework has nailed it! Adobe have turned a corner by really working with 3rd parties to a new level. Bodes very well.

    Nick, Founder of Astute Graphics

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    • Meenal Relekar, over 4 years ago

      Thanks Nick for your contribution in the growing XD plugin ecosystem. XD is the first example of our modern approach to extensibility and the developer ecosystem. We’re excited to continue working with partners like you and the developer community.

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    • Kerri Shotts, over 4 years ago

      Hey Nick -- thanks SO much for all your contributions to the community. We're in love with your plugin -- it's SO cool. So honored to work with you and your team to bring this to fruition.

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