• Julius Santiago, over 2 years ago

    Arun! We were at the same screening!

    Nice review. Would definitely also recommend as well. The idea of having less and having things last and be repairable was such a gut punch, especially to an SF audience. Showing how pristine his house was considering how old all the objects are is pretty crazy. My favorite bit was getting to hear his opinions on other works as he walked through the design museum.

    One thought I didn't realize until I left the theater: his house is essentially a time capsule. Everything is in amazing condition, but also there isn't any technology beyond the objects he's created. No iPhones, no laptops, no TVs.

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    • Arun V, 2 years ago

      I also loved when we commented on other designers work at the Vitra museum.

      It's funny that he has a Olivetti Valentine typewriter and yet is still critical of Ettore Sottsass' more experimental memphis design stuff.

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