Have you upgraded to macOS Mojave?

almost 5 years ago from Charlie Pratt, Creative Director @ Precocity, LLC

  • Todd FTodd F, almost 5 years ago

    I think InVision soured me on dark mode for design tools. Any issues with Sketch or Sketch plug-ins in terms of functionality?

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    • Jennifer Nguyen, almost 5 years ago

      Zeplin is the only plug-in I use for Sketch, and both are fine. I haven't experienced any bugs yet. Care to explain how InVision soured you on dark mode? Ever since Sketch and InVision broke up earlier this year, I've been team Sketch. It seems like InVision has took a weird turn this year to focus on marketing and not their product...the last straw for me was when they released their "own" version of the Design Sprint. At first, I was super curious - "Hey! A different sprint method! I hope this addresses my issues that I experienced with Google Venture's version". I was met with disappointment, it was like they just copied it word for word. I understand a company doesn't have to be first to market but if they're going to compete, there has to be a differentiating factor?

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