Have you upgraded to macOS Mojave?

almost 5 years ago from Charlie Pratt, Creative Director @ Precocity, LLC

  • Greg Warner, almost 5 years ago

    Took the leap and updated last night. Fingers crossed, so far this morning seems good! Borders (especially top highlights) in dark mode windows seem a bit rough/too bold, but just between Finder, iTunes, and Messenger, dark mode is a huge win as an option for me. I'm quite used to full dark mode on Windows 10 on my Surface Book now, so I'm glad to have it on my work machine as well. Personally I actually prefer the flatter black approach of W10, but both are nice. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Turned stacks on and liking it ok so far, although there's not enough visual cue as to what is a stack or an individual file, to me, leaving stacks strangely interspersed with regular folders. Still, it helps to clean up my desktop. Easier access to basic image annotation features for screenshots is great, and means I can pretty much ditch Skitch, which I've used forever. However it's still not as useful on desktop as Windows where I can grab a pen for the annotations. So overall, a good step.

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