Do you know of any well designed CRM

2 years ago from Bernat Fortet Unanue, Design and Frontend

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    Thanks @Ryan! It'll sound crazy but I've tried them all! Maybe I'm too picky with this stuff. But they are not fulfilling the keys things I think a CRM should do: 1. Easily import your email history for a painless switch. 2. Track how long since you contacted a point person in a deal (aka opportunity) 3. Allow me to input last contact manually (for offline meetings, eg: coffee with lead) 4. Clear visualization of your conversation history for a deal

    For me these 3 points are the bare essential. Some extras that are nowhere to be found - Quick and simple information edit/add for a contact/lead/deal - Pull LinkedIn info for my leads

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    • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, almost 2 years ago

      If I was going to research a CRM, these would be two places I would look to find services: Capterra and BetaList

      Wish I could give an actual recommendation. I used Capsule CRM and thought it was alright.

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