I miss ffffound

4 years ago from Greg Shuster, Product & UX

  • Tonio AlucemaTonio Alucema, 4 years ago

    I know it's not the same buuut right before they shut down, they let us (Pinterest) build a quick importer tool so if you search for "ffffound" and filter by boards you can access ffffound content that was imported

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    • John PJohn P, 4 years ago

      Think it's sad that Pintrest was offered access to this amazing resource and instead of creating something for the Internet Archive that would outlive their company and provide this resource for everyone they decided to wrap it all into their walled garden.

      "It Belongs in a Museum" comes to mind...

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      • Tonio AlucemaTonio Alucema, almost 4 years ago

        Maybe I should of clarified – We reached out to FFFFOUND and asked them if they would allow us to build an import tool to try and preserve a tiny bit of that content, they didn't offer it.... If I worked for the Internet Archive I would of proposed to do the same.

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