• Michael Kalus, 5 years ago

    Every single day. I use Reeder + Feedly aswell. Reeder wasn't updated for a long time but it has all the features it needs. The most I like about it is the gestures it supports via Magic Mouse and Trackpad (pull to mark all as read or swiping left and right do go into a article or leave it) also it is nice that those gestures are the same on iOS!

    I also have tried Leaf which is also making a good job.

    Feedback to your design: I love the colors you chose and also nice that you try to adopt those new rounded-corner boxes from iOS 11/12. But while it should be an RSS app it is important to me to have the feed as comprimised as possible. It is good to have only the headline in the feed list and at most 1-2 lines of the article. Of course there are some good feeds I read every article from but of the most I never read through all of the posts. I skimm the headlines and images in order to decide what I could be interested in. So feedback to your design would be: shrink the height of the feed items to an extreme. The preview-images are too huge for my taste. Half the size would be enough.

    The article view turned out very well. The font-size is maybe a bit to small but I can't judge it from that screenshot. Keep going! Wish you much success in further development.

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