Strong prototyping tool

4 years ago from Juan Gonzalez, Product designer

  • Jim Owens, 4 years ago

    There seem to be too many and all have some problems. Currently I am using Adobe XD because it is very quick, easy and integrates well with the other Adobe stuff, and is intuitive for people who are familiar with Adobe. But it doesn't have adequate prototyping capability yet. They release more every month but still aren't there yet. Then I copy things from XD to Sketch which is surprisingly easy, and then use Principle which is nicely integrated with Sketch. Principle can do very sophisticated animations and so forth, but also can become wildly complicated in terms of the ability to control so many animations. I've had trouble moving back and forth between Principle and Sketch once a lot of interactions have been built in Principle. I do want to give Protopie more of a try. I did import an XD file to Protopie and it came out a little weird; so I didn't continue trying it. I've been wondering if anyone has used Squarespace or Wix for prototyping and how that turned out?

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