Strong prototyping tool

4 years ago from Juan Gonzalez, Product designer

  • Jason Spidle, 4 years ago

    Honestly, it's best to just try them all. I've read all kinds of different answers to questions like this when I had the same problem but ultimately I settled on a tool that best fit my mental model (Flinto, in my case [also because the Flinto YouTube is such a huge help]). There is a ton of overlap in these tools so it becomes a matter of personal preference rather than one tool be clearly better than the others. This tool comparison chart should help in prioritizing the tools to try. Also, this list has a few more tools that aren't in the comparison chart.

    But based on your stated desires in a tool, I would suspect that something like Origami or Framer would work well (if you don't mind a bit of code). It seems like those tools offer the greatest ability create highly interactive prototypes without needing to create a million screens.

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    • Juan Gonzalez, 4 years ago

      Yes I don`t mind coding, I was thinking about complex prototypes would mean some coding

      I may try Framer, Thank you!

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      • Michael Ahokas, 4 years ago

        Now days I use Zing Studio for prototyping. We've been beta testing where I work for quite a while and it's a really powerful prototyping tool that combines visual editing and coding. The language is called Zing script and it's very clear and expressive so it's pretty easy to pick up. The way you create reusable elements in Zing is awesome and we've now built a full design system in it so prototyping new stuff is really quick. We've prototyped some very complex apps in it (mobile apps and TV apps), even pulling in real data (not that you need to, but it's great to try out the prototype with it if you can).

        The thing I like most about it is, you can do simple things really quickly but if you want you can build out fully fledged prototypes.

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