My thoughts on how to make a portfolio site stand out(

almost 5 years ago from Nelson Abalos Jr, Customer Success Specialist @ Webflow

  • Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, almost 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your video but I also loathed it a little. I agree that a lot of designers websites both look the same and say the same stuff and you gave some interesting food for thought with regards to telling your own story.

    However I think whatever your discipline is in UX, you shouldn't be expected to be put on such a high pedestal. Designers do incredible things and are much bigger than the services and products they produce but we are not all good story tellers, content writers or web designers. Designers utilise what skills they have just like any other profession to sell themselves. Some use online tools to build their website some code it themselves and in some cases the layout may suffer from looking similar to other designers websites, we also have to consider how we can write about our experiences and sometimes it's easier to do that on tools like Medium, having to duplicate that content is a real pain and would defeat (in my opinion) the purpose of using a platform like Medium.

    One scenario where I think your advice wouldn't perform well is for contractors where mostly recruiters and hiring managers want to spend as little time on your website as they need to digest what it is you do and how you do it. I've had a lot of feedback from hiring managers that they just want to get straight to the point and don't care much for too much for personal stories. It's very touch trying to achieve this balance.

    I'm all for distinguishing yourself from other designers but I also think we ask a lot of ourselves, at the end of the day your website is only one channel people see you though. If work full-time and you haven't found yourself struggling to get interviews and jobs then your website is probably doing you just fine, but if you're a freelancer and you aren't getting any leads it might be a different matter.

    I did enjoy watching your video. It was pretty funny and eye opening watch you read the from the homepages, and the advice did provide some inspiration but I don't know if it really captures the struggles that designers face when trying to design their portfolios, perhaps there are some valid reasons why they've expressed themselves they way they have, maybe there are reasons why they chose that design over something else.

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