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almost 5 years ago from Mathieu C, Designer

  • Chris Griffin, almost 5 years ago

    Do we really need a sketch update thread every week or two?

    Yes, yes we do.

    Sketch is somewhat unstable when a new major version is released and I would like to know what problems designers are having before I upgrade. It seems we are Sketch's QA department so these threads are important.

    What's funny is, I just had 2 problems in Sketch 50 and the first thing I did was come here to see what people were saying. This thread has 40 comments at the time of this comment with you being the only one complaining about this post existing, so maybe respect the fact that others might want this thread.

    Anyway, I downgraded back to 49.3 for the time being. "Improved Performance" yet I get the spinning beach ball non-stop.

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