Why we decided to drop LESS for SCSS(medium.com)

over 5 years ago from Bryan G

  • David SvezhintsevDavid Svezhintsev, over 5 years ago

    It is amusing to see this in 2018, just because it's not 2014 anymore and you don't find these kinds of articles every day. I do understand why though. I've been working with react for a year and just now coming back to a project that uses Gulp & SCSS, so this is not uncommon.

    I hope we won't see these kinds of articles in 2028.

    I'm thinking right now about "biodegradation" of software... So many developers make software only for it to be replaced by a better software in a week or month. And even if there are new technologies that are easy and adaptable, it's much harder to switch when you have to swap whole new ecosystem and maybe even methodology of things. Going from SCSS to React Styled Components last year was harder than switching from CSS to SCSS in 2014. And on the new GULP/SCSS project, there's just no way of "updating" it to say react or Gatsby. You have to rebuild everything which sucks.

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