Designer News vs GitHub: Profile URL Design

over 5 years ago from Brandon Zell, Web/UI Designer

  • Nick NobleNick Noble, over 5 years ago

    Actually, for a long time Designer News was just someone's side project. That someone was Layervault. It no longer exists, and Andrew Wilkinson of Tiny Boards bought it and kept it going. Compared to Tiny Board's other ventures I'd be willing to bet that DN still is sort of a side project, high traffic or no.

    If you already knew all this, apologies – just saying context is important.

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    • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, over 5 years ago

      I was aware of some of the history, but not all. Thanks for adding more context!

      On Tiny's website it says they typically look for businesses with minimum profits of $500k. Made me wonder if Designer News was an exception. Makes sense that you would say DN might still be a side project. That's unfortunate, but I'm glad it didn't shut down when Layervault did.

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