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over 4 years ago from Linton Ye, Founder at jimu Labs

  • Josiah TullisJosiah Tullis, over 4 years ago

    One thing that stands out is that the primary CTA "Enroll Now" scroll jacks all the way to the bottom of the page. Maybe make this the second section on the page so that it doesn't scroll jack as far. A modal might work even better.

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    • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, over 4 years ago

      yeah I totally agree. And then it pops up a "BTW: Want to learn how to make this site?" message on top of Enroll Now. Makes me want to X out of the site immediately

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    • Linton Ye, over 4 years ago

      Thanks! hmm.. let me think about how to improve that.

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    • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, over 4 years ago

      Secondly, the placement of Learn React Unleash Your Design Superpowers and button are wrong. You want your users to focus on that one thing whoever lands first time. It should be in middle. Why waste space? Thirdly, There is Enroll Now button on top left corner side right along with 'learn react design's logo' why? Why place two times enroll now? I understand that It's a business goal and you want users to buy but that's not right strategy. I see in middle clearly and simply. Fourthly, Testimonial section is shady. Never show one. Always show more and when you show more. Make sure it's mixed kind of review. 1 or 2 bad but 3-4 good cause in that case you get to earn user's trust. Well there are more issues.

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