5 years ago from Philip Lester, CEO @ Dreamten & GiveForms

  • Ryan Breslow, 5 years ago

    Hey Jon,

    Appreciate the feedback. When you're right you're right :-) Absolutely need to work on clearer product positioning, there's no doubt about it. The website needs more detail. Top of our todo list. Within 24 hrs of being out in the open and got posted on designer news / hacker news and was not fully prepared for the community examination. But I love it nonetheless!

    To answer your questions: - It's a checkout solution (lives on your page but still hosted by us, so technically hosted but not as branded as the others), payment processor, and fraud solution - We'll publish more on our fraud detection very shortly

    Re: A/B test I mean we did it manually through thousands of conversations with prospective clients. And, I did it personally. So, I'm not sure what a better word for that is.

    Thanks for the good wishes and taking the time!

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