5 years ago from Philip Lester, CEO @ Dreamten & GiveForms

  • Ryan Breslow, 5 years ago

    CEO of Bolt here. Jimmy -- that's pretty spot on. And thanks for having us on here!

    Before launching, we A/B tested a number of different sales strategies. I'm a dev myself and 100% agreed with Jon above. Wanted flat rates, self-onboarding, etc. That rarely worked with our target demographic which required a more traditional sales methodology. The latter worked much better.

    So, for now, we're doing what works. Hopefully can simplify things as time goes on.

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    • Jon MyersJon Myers, 5 years ago

      Hey Ryan, thanks for hopping in here and sharing the rationale.

      I actually know the ecommerce space very well myself. I was the CEO of a Saas company that served Amazon Sellers, and we had 8,500 paying customers. I’m an investor in a marketplace that serves sellers.

      As someone who is in the space and who knows the target demo well, I couldn’t figure out what your product is on a cursory glance and it’s unclear even when one explores the site.

      Is it like Plasso or Gumroad where there is a hosted checkout solution? That was my first thought.

      Of course, there is no opportunity to ponder that thought because the visitor is punched in the throat at the top of the page with that call to action where you would expect to get that answer.

      Yet, then you scroll down the page and randomly thrown there with no explanation are logos for BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and so on.

      So, then I think - ok, so is this a plugin for those platforms?

      And, then I see this “Zero Fraud” guarantee, but see absolutely no details on it other than - because we say so, just trust us. I was expecting something that was like Stripe Radar, which explains the rationale and approach -

      And of course, all this ambiguity and vagary is sculpted around this ham-fisted call to action. Yet, it’s really unclear what the user is “Seeing Work” - other than a shopping cart demo, but what is it.

      Products that have far more technical overhead and a heavy sales organization still let you see what the product actually is - before dumping you into a sales funnel. Segment comes to mind.

      As far testing, meh, what’s the quote “A/B Testing is like teenage sex, everyone is talking about it, but nobody is doing it correctly, if at all...” Personally, I wouldn’t be bet a dime that this is a winning approach. Sounds like you have too many marketers whispering in your ear.

      Congrats on a killer URL - and name. Wishing you well on the product whatever IT actually is :)

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      • Ryan Breslow, 5 years ago

        Hey Jon,

        Appreciate the feedback. When you're right you're right :-) Absolutely need to work on clearer product positioning, there's no doubt about it. The website needs more detail. Top of our todo list. Within 24 hrs of being out in the open and got posted on designer news / hacker news and was not fully prepared for the community examination. But I love it nonetheless!

        To answer your questions: - It's a checkout solution (lives on your page but still hosted by us, so technically hosted but not as branded as the others), payment processor, and fraud solution - We'll publish more on our fraud detection very shortly

        Re: A/B test I mean we did it manually through thousands of conversations with prospective clients. And, I did it personally. So, I'm not sure what a better word for that is.

        Thanks for the good wishes and taking the time!

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