6 things I hate about your design recruitment(blog.prototypr.io)

over 5 years ago from Matej Latin, Senior Product Designer at GitLab

  • Matt C, over 5 years ago

    To expand on the design task point a bit - what amazes me more than anything is how often I'll be asked to do a design task before I've even talked with the hiring manager.

    A design task is a serious investment of my time, and I have zero faith in the recruiter's ability to determine whether or not I'm a serious contender for the job based on a 30 minute phone screening. At least give me a half hour with the hiring manager to see if the job fits me at all before you ask me to go off and spend 4+ hours on a design task.

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    • Matej LatinMatej Latin, over 5 years ago

      Very good point. The problem is that companies don't realise that the other party involved (the designer) also needs to find out if they're the company he/she is looking for. They tend to have this one-sided, egocentric attitude towards hiring.

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