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almost 5 years ago from Dima Braven, founder at itmeo.com

  • Sebastian Winther, almost 5 years ago

    I'm curious: where did you find that Tachyons fell short, where Tailwind may not? I'm starting a project soon and was planning on using Tachyons, but will reconsider if it makes sense.

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    • Sebastian GrazSebastian Graz, almost 5 years ago

      When using Tachyons I found it tricky to change the media query values. They are hardcoded in CSS so to speak. Whereas in Tailwind, because it PostCSS the media query values is simply a variable. Also I like Tailswinds responsive approach with the sm:, md: and lg: colon suffix, rather than specifying 'not-small', 'medium' and large.

      That said Tachyons is amazing, and I have 0 experience using Tailwind. Just my 0.02$. In fact Adam Morse Tweeted yesterday about being able to customise Tachyons, but I have not tried it (https://twitter.com/mrmrs_/status/925817836613677056)

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