Looking for feedback! Testing prototypes for website navigation(tintup.com)

over 3 years ago from Daniel Baldwin, Creative Director + Cofounder @goodhandsdotco

  • Matt Fulton, over 3 years ago

    Left some feedback in the form but I'm a bit curious what others think — specifically, I haven't seen the Request Demo/Free Trial dual-CTA much elsewhere, and would worry that having two conversion options like that would reduce overall conversion. I would think it could result in bouncing due to decision-overhead, now having to weigh the pros/cons of demo vs free trial (Should I blow the trial now or do a demo and preserve it? Is it worth getting sold to on a demo, and the 28 follow-up emails? Maybe I should just try it...). This gives visitors time to reconsider, making it harder to capitalize on a flighty "I'd like to give this a quick try".

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