Introducing InVision Studio(

over 5 years ago from Stephen Olmstead, Design Partnerships @ InVision App

  • Koen Bok, over 5 years ago

    Kind of like Framer, but way simpler. Designers should code, but won't.

    This is a fun one for me. Because it's kind of true.

    More designers than ever are learning programming and are able to solve most of the problems you describe through it. Code is just such a powerful tool.

    But a lot more are waiting for some new innovation so they don't have to learn an intimidating new skill and still will be able to do everything you describe. I hope that invention will come – and we will certainly try to build it – but I'm not sure if it will (in time).

    So we'll continue to try and innovate here, while we not so secretly try to teach every designer how to code too. That's going quite well, and very fulfilling to see work.

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