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over 5 years ago from Stephen Olmstead, Design Partnerships @ InVision App

  • Paco Lara, over 5 years ago

    I´m freaking out with the opinions of many user... There are people who say: I don´t like that shit because is not the tool I would like to use. "I want one witch magically transform the pixels I draw in real code", other are complaining about InVision strategy and saying that they are not going to be able to make work so many different functionalities, and so on.

    How much hate and how easily you forget how, some years ago, InVision made a tool witch allowed us to make in a very, very easy way rapid prototyping when there was nothing so easy to use in the market.

    InVision. You rule. I´ll try Studio and then I´ll decide if is going to be my choice.

    People, if you really know how the design tool of the future should be, please stop complaining and criticizing others and just do it!

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 5 years ago

      Should painters build their own easels?

      Should drivers build their own cars?

      I think you are dismissing valid and constructive feedback that can hardly be construed as "hate".

      Yes InVision made something cool a while ago, that doesn't make every decision they make a good one from that point on.

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      • Paco Lara, over 5 years ago

        I agree with that. Feedback is always welcome but there are some opinions that are not just feedback.

        Imagine when new Tesla was released people started complaining about the car do not fly, because that was what they were waiting for. Then why should buy a Tesla if I have to drive on the same road? That my point. Maybe will be reasons to use Studio even the software was not a new revolution in the way we design and connect vector with code.

        I will be happy the day when my designs will be converted in real code by clicking a button but maybe that is not so easy to do wright now. Honestly, I don´t know.

        English is not my native language and sometime is difficult for me to find the tone to express myself. It´s nice to chat and share opinions and different points of view.

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