• Wesley LaukaWesley Lauka, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    Ambient Commons

    by Malcolm McCullough

    Recently being back in the spring, but I do keep coming back to passages. Definitely on the academic side, but a great read on the 'architectures of attention'. If you have any interest in embodied/situated cognition or how we should be harnessing the context of the environment in design, it is an engaging reflection on the subject. Plus, McCullough, as always, is a great writer.

    Thinking Fast and Slow

    by Daniel Kahneman

    Still the best book of the year. If you haven't read it do so now. All about what really goes into decision making, risk assessment, value biases, etc from the nobel prize winner who did the actual research. Given the subject matter, Incredibly easy to read too.

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