• Ciarán Hanrahan, over 4 years ago

    Similar to this point on the use of imagery - the image of the hand holding the device doesn't look too clean to me (whereas the rest of the site does) and facebook offer free device hands that look really well that might sit in better: http://facebook.design/handskit - Personally I think that just the device with the product on the phone will work better and communicate a clearer message.

    (Just realised they're not to be used for "commercial purposes without express written permission" who knows, maybe they'll give it ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Or perhaps you can trick them into giving permission like they've managed to trick me into providing all of my data to be used for commercial purposes.

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    • Jaka SmidJaka Smid, over 4 years ago

      Yes, thank you!

      I agree with you that there is too much visual noise at the moment. We will fix that with more beautiful, clearer phone in hand.

      2 useful advice already, TOP!

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