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over 5 years ago from beasty fred, Product designer

  • Suganth SSuganth S, over 5 years ago

    Just some thoughts. Nothing too strong or too negative

    I really love the intention and mission of the product. It's really hard to stand out among big social networks, and it's nice that people go back to the problem of social networks and see how can they solve better.

    I installed the app, and the onboarding / First experience was pretty sweet. Good content in few mins and I just have to follow few people.

    Coming to the feedback,

    I don't think this visual design is the right direction. For some reason, the colour palette and extensive use of blur kinda made the entire experience busy for me. This also makes me feel that you guys started building this product 3-4 years back and might have just launched now. This has iOS 7/8 design all over it, in a bit intensive way. The app uses blur not to create depth but used as an aesthetic decision. Which is fine, but it's just not for me I guess. This also reminds me of 2015 Flickr iOS app. Did you guys conduct a test with just white/different colour palette and see how user find it?

    In terms of content consumption/creation, it's similar to Facebook/twitter/Instagram/Tumblr with focus on photos. I mean it's good that it's similar because people don't have to learn to use your product, but is it too similar that there might not be any good value proposition for using your product?

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    • Alistair Stiegmann, over 5 years ago

      Hey Suganth thanks for your feedback! We always appreciate it.

      We really wanted the app to be driven by the content and stay away from framing things in white. This keeps the app fresh and doesn't become stale.

      As you say, using a new app and creating content needs to feel familiar. So it's great to hear that you feel we achieved that. When it comes to posting though, we feel that our unique audience selector allows you to share things with your more intimate circles that you otherwise wouldn't when faced with a larger audience makes this online social experience closer to the social interactions we have in the real world.

      Music posts come to life if you have an Apple Music subscription as you're then able to listen to the whole song and even add it to your library without having to leave the app.

      And with Collections, you gain instant access to everything ever shared with you so you can discover a great restaurant or book a friend had recommended that you may have missed.

      Brands are even able to sell directly to their followers using our unique Buy Now feature. Check out Oliver Spencer for example who has many of their items available to sell. As well as StarRo who has a vinyl of his Grammy nominated album available to purchase right within the app.

      As you can see there's a lot you can do with Vero. But we wanted to keep the design simple while allowing users to dicover so much more if they want.

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