My portfolio: I'm a Product Designer & Front-end Dev. (

5 years ago from Marina Aisa, UX Engineer

  • James Young, 5 years ago

    I'm going to defer from the other posters a bit. I liked it overall. I found the hand distracting and not matching the rest of the flow. I also feel like you aren't sharing your work. Case studies would help, seeing progressive work, seeing wire frames, user personas, derivatives of the wires help managers hire (assuming that's the goal) much easier. Your portfolio looks very much like visual designers might look. Further languages that you develop in, frameworks used, the repeating images of you are great as they show you're involved and a good teammate, but sharing your skills would help people understand where you're at and what you want to do.

    Please take this as constructive not meant to offend in any way.

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    • Interested Curious, 5 years ago

      With you here. I see a bit of confusion.

      It looks like a visual designers portfolio but everything else wants me to believe this is more front end development/ UX designer.

      It doesn't seem insulting, it'd make it more direct. I can't tell for sure what is intended here and case studies go along way if these designs weren't done as one.

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    • Marina Aisa, 5 years ago

      I understand the feeling that I'm not sharing my work, I'm actually working in a second version where I will explain each project instead of just liking to the product.

      I take it as a constructive comment for sure and I thank you a lot for it! This is what I wanted to get from posting it in this website: constructive comments to improve it in the future. :)

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