Riangle - Portfolio(riangle.com)

6 years ago from Luan Gjokaj, UX Engineer & Designer - riangle.com

  • James Young, 6 years ago

    Everywhere should worry about 8mb of loading.

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    • Account deleted 6 years ago

      Why? I went on this portfolio at work and it loaded for me instantly. Also, we are currently looking for an interaction designer at my work, therefore 8mb really isn't an issue. This isn't a fmcg e-com platform where every second counts. Don't forget context when you're designing.

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    • Interested Curious, 6 years ago

      Took about 4-5 seconds, and their titles in order are creative director and interaction designer.

      Optimization is nice but not everyone's priorities are the same.

      Odds are if this is sacrilege to you, this isn't your candidate and you should move on.

      And that's perfectly fine. No one's word here is law.

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