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5 years ago from Marina Aisa, UX Engineer

  • Maximilian DahlMaximilian Dahl, 5 years ago

    Hey Arthus, no it is fine. You have to see the other side. Product Designer these days need the input from front-end development to build better designs and/or help their development team to adapt better. Overall it is better for both sides to know what and how the other side is thinking/working. If your strength is to write code and being an awesome developer without that much sensibility for design, but you can adapt our designs pretty good, you are on the right track. There are always people with more knowledge but probably they won't be better in doing as you are in your main field :)

    For example: - Product Designer has to build prototypes - The most famous prototyping tools have their own code like Framer - Framer, for example, is pretty nifty to build very realistic prototypes to validate - Designer have to learn the new coding from Framer to stay ahead of each other and to stay competitive - "Just designing" isn't enough anymore for INSERTNAMEHERE-Designer.

    So, if you want to lower your own fears about that topic -> Read some basic books, watch design vlogs or just ask your designers for advice to get more knowledge to adapt better and work faster as developer :)

    I could go on for days about that topic. Just be awesome and put in time to be successful.

    Cheers, Max

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