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6 years ago from Luan Gjokaj, UX Engineer & Designer - riangle.com

  • Interested Curious, 6 years ago

    Very Nice, Slower, but by this point a person looking shouldn't be in too much of a rush, I've seen simpler sites here go slower.

    It could be made instantly stronger by only loading image based content. If I scroll faster than the content loads I'd know where to stop and wait. Where as now, I have to wait for everything.

    The grid. This is something I'm fighting myself over while looking over this. It's cool that you let it show, but it also comes off as unintentional, mainly because it overlaps all of the work, half of me thinks it's cool the other half keeps waiting for it to be used in a way besides obviously outlining where work will show up. Kudos on breaking the grid along with following it though early on.

    I like it, not perfect but I like it and it's voice.

    Love the Marble too.

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    • Dylan SmithDylan Smith, 6 years ago

      by this point a person looking shouldn't be in too much of a rush

      They will be if they're looking at a hundred of these.

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      • Interested Curious, 6 years ago

        By this point sure, some people will go randomly diving into 100's of portfolios.

        I don't think all will be. Generally if the portfolio was the deciding factor, there was something else that led the person here, this is something more intimate then like shoving a business card or resume in front of someone.

        I've definitely seen slower things praised here though weirdly, and I actually still do recommend speeding some up by lightening some resources

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