We want minimal CMS for portfolio + blog.

over 5 years ago from Dana (dmxt), Designer & Front-end Developer

  • Jason Spidle, over 5 years ago

    KeystoneJS is excellent if you want to avoid PHP and SQL. Pure JavaScript from back to front. We built our public site using Keystone. Pro-tip: use the beta which is written in React. Admin side is super snappy, if a little sparse.

    The CMS controls every aspect of our site including all the text you see, images, background colors of tiles, meta data, open graph social data, etc. Really you can customize it to control anything. It comes with built-in Cloudinary integration which is great for serving CDN-backed responsive images (and free if your site isn't going to be getting thousands of hits per week).

    For some guidance, the SydJS website is built on Keystone and you can peruse the code on Github.

    EDIT: 9 July 2018

    We actually moved to Squarespace. Content editors had difficulty using the Keystone interface. Having made the switch, I can definitely recommend Squarespace as a nice, minimal CMS. We wrote about the switch on our blog.

    EDIT: 3 October 2019

    And now we have moved to Webflow because... duh. Full write up coming soon.

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