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over 5 years ago from Teodorik Mensl

  • Darrell HanleyDarrell Hanley, over 5 years ago

    Honestly disappointed that it isn't shipping with 3rd party skills at launch. Coming in at a price point higher than Google's or Amazon's smart assistants without support for stuff like Spotify or TuneIn is a pretty huge dealbreaker, even if the speakers are better than its competitors.

    Moreso considering that Google or Amazon could just put out high end versions of their products tomorrow and be better than the Homepod.

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    • No NameNo Name, over 5 years ago

      They have airPlay, so I assume any app on your phone can cast to them (but you're going to lose some quality in that transaction I'm sure.)

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      • Darrell HanleyDarrell Hanley, over 5 years ago

        That's pretty weak, it relies on my phone needing to be a base for the operation, whereas Chromecast is decentralized, allowing the device to pull the feed directly from the internet itself.

        Plus Google Home already ships with Chromecast, which has had multiroom support for like a year now.

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    • Andy StoneAndy Stone, over 5 years ago

      Man, you hit the nail on the head. I have a Google Home (bought for a project and then loved it) and the third-party support is what makes it great. I'm sure that audiophiles will bitch about the speaker, but it's pretty fantastic for everything from classical to rap.

      I am still rocking my iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro 2013 models. I adore the history of Apple, but haven't felt the need to buy something new in a number of years now.

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