Didn't get paid by your client? Add them to sh!tlist(theshitlist.org)

6 years ago from Ketan Anjaria, Founder • HireClub

  • Ketan Anjaria, 6 years ago

    I don't think people are saying as soon as someone is unpaid you go directly here. It's about after you tried and exhausted all other means. The dick move is not posting to shit list, but the client not paying you. Your best case scenario is admirable but we all know business doesn't always work like that.

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    • Account deleted 6 years ago

      Of course not. This was an example of something that could be tried.

      Say you work within a certain city. You don't get paid $2000. Its been 18 months. You've tried emails and phone calls... no joy. You've tried face to face... no joy. You've tried legal... no joy. You see no other ways of trying to get paid that $2000.

      You post the clients details on theshitlist.org.

      Is it worth risking your reputation as a professional over that $2000 lost?

      A new client who is local to your area, may be looking to hire someone for a $10,000 job, but may avoid you as they've heard or seen that you post on a site called the shit list naming and shaming past clients. They won't know the circumstances, just that you post on a negative site about clients.

      Personally I'd rather take the loss, figure how I can minimize the risk of a loss on future projects and get over it.

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