• Vipul. MishraVipul. Mishra, 6 years ago

    Disclaimer: I am associated with bunch of prototyping tools (Invision, Marvel, CanvasFlip, XD & More).

    For couple of years, I had an good impression for Invision and though it had hell lots of issues I went with it because clients knew about it and paid for it. I later tried Marvel and few others as well which were good for prototyping but still didn't add any value in my design-feedback workflow.

    I came across CanvasFlip few months ago and it looked lot more simpler but to my extreme surprise it's amazing if you care for some sort of analytics- heatmap, videos etc.. It's been used at some really large teams and I have been vouching for them for good.

    XD is again good stuff by Adobe, which is good for quick UI design and prototyping - modes are really good. but every time syncing my designs over cloud is a pain for me. Also, no good feedback/UT option so far.

    My suggestion - if you are done with Invision, give a swing to new tools like CanvasFlip (http://canvasflip.com) . I have been working with these guys and they listen to feedback, quite open to fixes and new features etc..

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