Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days)

over 6 years ago from Ian Clarke, Designer & Web Developer

  • Ian ClarkeIan Clarke, over 6 years ago

    SSL Update : It's finally fixed. What should really have been a simple fix proved to be a bit of a head scratcher.

    The problem... people were getting security errors on the site. Solution - Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL certificate

    Since I'm building this as cheap as possible I'm hosting it on Media Temples shared hosting. Their SSL certs are $70 a year. It was a one click solution but would eat away at the marginal profits, especially at the start. When following Media Temple's own guidelines on installing an SSL from LetsEncrypt I found myself way out of my depth in the land of Terminal, Home Brew, etc… To even generate a cert required a bunch of steps where I was essentially walking blind, just following onscreen instructions. One of MT's own commands caused me to get flagged when SSH'ed into my server, since I forgot to change a url in the command. In all it was adding up to a 2hr time sink that I'd have to repeat every 3 months. $70 was looking more and more like it would be leaving my bank account.

    Until I remembered Wordpress has a plugin for everything. As a developer I rarely rely on plugins unless used for special functionality. This was one of those occasions. Sure enough LetsEncrypt have a WP plugin. I installed it and a few clicks later my certs were generated. Easy as pie. Now to install them in Media Temple.

    In your account settings you can add an SSL to a domain. You have to manually copy in the Private Key, Cert and Chain. After grabbing the certs off the server using FPT I opened them in Sublime text and began copying and pasting in the text into MT's required fields. But no luck. I was getting errors that the Key was invalid. Totally frustrating. After a google search turned up that I might have to edit the text at the beginning and end of the Private Key to say something else I though I'd try that before pulling out my wallet. And lo and behold it worked. The SSL cert was accepted and installed. A silly 'gotcha' on Media Temple.

    Now I can finally get back to working on building the audience.

    Total Cost $0, but a whole lot of time.

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