Happy Cog is rebranding(happycog.com)

6 years ago from Rolando Murillo, Co-founder @ Sensive

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 6 years ago

    was just about to make a big stink about how wrong you are, when i realized how right you are. I'm in my mid-40's, and have been working in this field for quite some time now, and for us (in that age bracket) Zeldman is a name we all know, and we all admire him. But as I look around the office and see how many fresh-faced young folks there are here, I see what you mean. Most of these younger kids don't know the man, or how important he was to the community.

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 6 years ago

      I don't even think it has primarily something to do with age, its a generation-thing - as in, another generation of web professionals. I am 27 and I know about him. I see a very big shift in people coming into the web pre and post UX-pocalypse.

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