• Jimmy Koli, over 6 years ago

    If you are interested in Startup, I think the most important thing you should learn is Marketing and sales. The thing with back end development is you can always outsource it, but you can't outsource sales. Just my 2 cents.

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    • Michael Reich, over 6 years ago

      Yeah that's a good point. How would you start building a prototype wihtout a budget? Learn by yourself or find an cofounder?

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      • Ege GörgülüEge Görgülü, over 6 years ago

        Just my 2 cents, you don't necessarily need to learn a whole language before building a prototype.

        In fact, it is almost certainly better to try validating your idea before building anything. That's the basic idea behind Lean startups.

        That said, I do see where you're coming from and if it comes down to it I'd suggest starting with a simpler back-end service/API such as Firebase to build prototypes first. It has a free plan, can scale without problems if you decide to stick to it, and it will be relatively much more secure than anything you can write yourself as a starting backend engineer.

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    • joe andersonjoe anderson, over 6 years ago

      I think you ultimately need to learn all, and it's worth the investment. Projects/startups require a lot of iteration. You're also in it for the long haul, so spending a few years learning all of these skills is worth it. The best way to learn is by building tiny projects and getting them out there. Then you'll start to meet other like minded people to team up with.

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