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over 6 years ago from TomTom Tom, Designer

  • Jonathan PattersonJonathan Patterson, over 6 years ago

    Well this is a nice surprise! I'm amped that my portfolio is getting so many compliments. Thanks you guys!

    To shed some more light on things, I originally created the design a couple years ago. This is the 3rd iteration. Each time I improve on things... adjusting colors, refining font selections, making it responsive—and of course adding new projects when possible (most of my projects these days are under NDA so they're slow to make it to my portfolio.)

    I'm enjoying reading all the comments about what you guys think. I've got plenty of ideas in store for the next iteration, although it might be a while before I can get to implementing them. I'm always interested in hearing what the design community thinks!

    Thanks, Jonathan

    PS. Shout out to @TomTom Tom for posting my portfolio! PPS. Follow me on Twitter

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    • TomTom TomTomTom Tom, over 6 years ago

      No problem. Found it on Webflow Forum and I was like - this has to see the rest of the world. So I posted it here :)

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    • xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx, over 6 years ago

      Amazing show-case for WebFlow, was there any particular reason why you went down that road development wise?

      Super impressed man, really engaging portfolio that I actually wanted to work my way through.

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      • Jonathan PattersonJonathan Patterson, over 6 years ago

        Thanks for the compliment Tim! I've experimented with so many ways to execute my portfolio of the years…1 time I tried to do it by hand with CSS/HTML. That was really hard. • Another time I hired someone to build a custom WordPress theme, that wasn’t bad, but didn’t let me customize enough of the overall site when I wanted to improve things.

        I settled on a website builder that let me do it myself because I like the ability to change details over and over until I get it exactly the way I want it.

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