Iconjar has been released(geticonjar.com)

4 years ago from Martijn Otter, Designer

  • Richard BruskowskiRichard Bruskowski, 4 years ago

    Seems nice. There's one thing you should now, though …

    That being said, there are caveats. IconJar was never built with sync in mind and thus there are certain precautions. The main one being avoid using IconJar simultaneously across different Macs. Always wait for sync to finish on one, close the application and then open on another machine once the syncing has finished

    from https://geticonjar.com/support/syncing-your-library/

    So if you're looking for a convenient way to use, share and contribute to an icon library within a team, look somewhere else.

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    • Vince SchwidderVince Schwidder, 4 years ago

      For us @Yummygum this has never been an issue. We never had the need to edit a specific .jar file at the same time within our team. So it's more of a "have a shared folder on Dropbox with all the .jar collections" and every team member just imports it.

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