• Nicholas BurroughsNicholas Burroughs, 4 years ago

    I went into this thinking I'd hate it, but great points are being made. I've been an adjunct instructor before and recently left full-time design to become a full-time instructor who freelances on the side.

    I teach at a community college who is known for having the best design program in the area, and it's because it's intense and very involved, but also because we drill the basics of visual communication into the students.

    This line definitely spoke to me:

    ...learning high-level strategies instead of the practical, everyday skills required to actually create design.

    This is what I see too much of now from young designers. Trying to sprint before they can even crawl. Worrying about brainstorming sessions with whiteboards that create photo opportunities for a blog post about the design process, before they even understand basic design principles.

    I'm not a bitter design who dislikes where the design world has gone the last few years in relation to technology and startups. But I am consistently annoyed by the lack of basic fundamentals being focused on such as typography skills, and understanding basic hierarchy and balance.

    Does this article present everything as best as it can? No. But it does put forward real issues that face young designers today. Learn the absolute basics before anything else, as they're not only your foundation, but also what may get you that first job that you leave after a year when you really know what you want to do.

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