• Kyle Greely, 4 years ago

    Honestly sounds like this author is just bitter about something - either his own personal design education or his hiring experiences with recent graduates in his geographical area, which I'm guessing didn't go well. Or maybe it is just a long-winded plug for his own product as Justin White said. Some things in this article are accurate, but I think it's also full of sweeping generalisations that aren't fair to apply to every design student everywhere.

    Personally, I'm not too happy about my design education. While the classes were good from a theoretical perspective, my university did not set us up with enough real work experiences, like internships with local companies, etc. However, a bigger university right across the river from where I was going to school has an excellent design program (DAAP at UC, if anyone is familiar) which takes 5 years to complete because you alternate every semester between taking classes and doing co-ops in real design companies. They even can get you opportunities abroad if you're interested. So by the time you graduate you already have about 2 years of experience designing real client work, and most students who graduate from that program have a full-time job right after graduation because the university actually helps to place you at a company who needs new design talent.

    (Yes, I'm a bit bitter that I made the wrong choice of university/design program.)

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