• Paul HermannPaul Hermann, 4 years ago

    Hey there. I'm a design student at Bauhaus University here in Germany and read your article and also follow the vivid discussion about broken design education. Many points you made are true, but I would like to give you my point of view on some of those lines since I'm a student and those claims are about us.

    "If you ask a design student, “What are you designing right now?” The answer is frequently: “I’m just a student, I’m not designing anything right now.”

    I can only speak for myself, but I and plenty of my fellow design students have side projects whether private or with other students in an educational initiative going on all the time. I legit don't know anyone not having their fingers on a project.

    "Design education should focus on training students about the day-to-day work of making design. Students should master over the fundamental principles of design, because those fundamentals make or break design careers."

    In Germany, this is what a Design apprenticeship gives you. Bachelor and Master programs build up on those basics, but most people come from high school, skip the basics and go straight into university which proves your point.

    "Because as a practicing designer, no one will hire you to have big ideas or make fun art projects. Especially as a new designer, clients will not trust you to direct a complex UX strategy."

    I'm just in the third semester and am hired at a local software agency as a student for almost a year now. I get to design, prototype, join client-presentations and go through the whole process of making apps. They know I'm a student and that I'm learning, and I am very thankful for them giving me the chances I get. I think it's a misconception that "no one will hire you as a practicing designer" - that would only make sense if no one ever learned. From what I've seen in Germany the industry is warmly welcoming students and aspiring designers since there's a lack of them. It's clear that as a student you won't get hired as a freelancer, but starting with an internship at an agency there surely is a way for students to get their hands on the craft.

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