What are your biggest obstacles?

almost 5 years ago from Laura Noodapera, user onboarding manager

  • Timothy McKennaTimothy McKenna, almost 5 years ago

    Right now, it would be my team and I adjusting to a new focus and way of working. I was promoted to lead my team in the last 5 months. I was the newest member of the team, but I had the most varied experience and had a good bit of leadership/management exp. When I came on, I was charged to help move the team into a more product focused path (which I agreed is where we needed to go). I have a team of 5 people I work with and except for one of them, this is all their first salary job. Shifting the focus from brand building to product design has proved trying at times; the reluctance stems from the mindsets of how the team used to work (long, closed loop, pixel perfect, artist-like, siloed) to what we are moving to now (quick,open iterative, data informed, multidisciplinary). Slowly, it's been progressing in the right direction....

    For me, it would be adjusting the team to a new direction on top of understanding the C-level structure and managing expectations. My company is in the business of building and accelerating startup ventures and my department is considered a shared service, so we serve, as the design department, at least 7 different companies (I have always seen it as a hybrid of agency and in-house) including our own. We pivot a lot and keeping projects moving and progressing towards our deadlines (also something new I introduced) is a constant challenge.

    On a personal note, my main obstacle is the commute. 2 hours one way. It sucks. I keep asking my CEO to find someone trying to create a working teleporter and invest in it....but to no avail.

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