• Ste GrainerSte Grainer, over 6 years ago

    I added a role filter on my portfolio index so visitors could see which projects fit which roles. I'm pretty happy with my portfolio, but there's always more I'd love to do to improve it: https://stegrainer.com/portfolio

    When it comes to evaluating design/dev hybrids, I tend to dig into the code for their portfolio itself. It's hard to know with most projects what code a specific dev contributed (unless their repo is public), but looking at the code for a personal site can reveal quite a bit more.

    • Do they self-host or are they using a common platform (Squarespace, Wordpress, etc.)? Is it static or CMS driven?
    • Did they use a template or roll their own?
    • Is their code well-formatted?
    • How does the site rate on a performance test?
    • Do they pay attention to the details? (Hover/Focus states, 404 pages, social media meta tags, etc.)

    None of the above is an immediate disqualifier, but it gives me a good starting point for their experience and attention to detail. It often gives me something to bring up in interviews with the candidate that they can definitely discuss as opposed to NDA projects.

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