Should designers portfolio?(

almost 6 years ago from Moe Amaya

  • John Jackson, almost 6 years ago

    I have a difficult time keeping my portfolio up-to-date. In fact, if you visit it right now, you're not going to see anything except my rate, contact email, and a link to my Dribbble. I just haven't had the time to design an up-to-date portfolio.

    Did that prevent me from getting a job? Not necessarily. But it probably caused quite a few companies to skip over me when I was in the process of seeking out and applying for design positions earlier in the year.

    A publicly available portfolio isn't a concrete requirement for landing a job. It does, however, provide you with a great advantage and (in my experience) makes it much easier to land on a short-list of design candidates.

    I should update my portfolio...

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