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almost 6 years ago from David Rodriguez, UX Designer

  • Drew ShimomuraDrew Shimomura, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I'm a fan of the text effect on the home page and a huge fan of being able to scroll from one project to the next (this should be done way more often!!). But given that the site affords scrolling through all projects, the distortion of images on the project page is distracting and disorienting. I suggest removing this image distortion.

    If "endless scrolling" helps people get through the site more easily, the project image distortion fights against that affordance, leading me to wait --over and over--to get a sense of what Lionel actually designed.

    It also means my FIRST impression of each of these images is distorted! If I were reviewing this portfolio to hire Lionel, I may leave the site thinking that he has a cool site, but why does he work with rhombuses so much?

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    • Antoine Vidal, almost 6 years ago

      I do agree, the deformation on the images is maybe a bit much. But it's still pretty cool and makes his portfolio stand out. Sometimes that's what client are looking for two !

      I guess it also means people that are going to contact him are more open minded about websites and might be "better" clients for him.

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