• Brian ZaikBrian Zaik, 6 years ago

    Yeah, we had to start somewhere and the Apple Pencil in our minds makes such a difference with apps like this, so we started there. What would we have to support to make it useful for you? Android? Web?

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    • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 6 years ago

      Ideally it would support everything, but I understand how difficult that would be.

      The web would give you access to the most users, since it's not OS specific and everyone has a computer, however the app would then loose some of its value proposition - it's not as easy to draw with a mouse, so it would have to be amazingly well done to catch on.

      Birning it to Android tablets would also not be enough in my opionion, because very few people have tablets, compared to the number of people who have phones and computers. That means that you would need to find a way to make it work on phones also.

      The reason its so important for it to be accessible on every possible device is because if even one person on a team cannot join (because they have a laptop or an android phone or any device you do not support), then the app looses it's USP, and there are far better whiteboard/drawing apps if you remove the colaboration feature.

      One idea would be to offer some devices a viewing only mode until you can figure it out. So people with IPads can draw and everyone else can see the whiteboard.

      Hope this helps.

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