Centered Logos Hurt Website Navigation(

over 4 years ago from Sam Solomon, Product Designer at SalesLoft

  • Sam Solomon, over 4 years ago

    I think one thing that is important to note here is that often times solid UX is very boring. It works because that is how people have come to interact with websites, but that is what makes it boring.

    Moving in the other direction will make the project much more interesting, but it may confuse some. It's up to you to figure out what direction to take.

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    • Jonas S, over 4 years ago

      Please note that this study only looked at navigation. Not if centered logos affect the whole user experience in a bad way. It doesn't claim anything else.

      Perhaps a centered logo makes the site more pleasurable to use because of the aesthetic value. Why not user test it on your own sites and make a decision if it's better for you. Now we have learned that this could be problematic.

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