ASK DN: How can we improve the UI of this feed?

over 4 years ago from Ömer Akyürek, Designer at day, Developer at night.

  • J VJ V, over 4 years ago

    from a pure VisD POV:

    Usability would improve a lot if you used this structure:

    -Tiny header with source & time -Title -Some of the content -Thumbnail

    Avoid center aligning the text, super tiring for streams.

    Avoid breaking conventions for the sake of it (is that icon on the top left a menu button? Then make the three lines even, otherwise looks like a list icon; people won't tap on icons they don't recognize 100%, seems like a dumb way to gamble users).

    Stick with black text over white background for the whole stream, is very exhausting for the user to switch from dark to light every couple cells.

    Introduce white text over hero images only for titles. This treatment is the worst of both worlds (the image is darkened and the text is harder to read) so use it only under very specific circumstances when you want to get extra attention to that bit of information. I would avoid it as much as you can; it's a nightmare to make it work.

    You don't need that much space between cells. Easy fix to gain some information density back.

    The pattern you're using for Feed/Trending caret is invisible to 99% of humans. Switch to tabs instead.

    Not really getting the header section for Casey Nestat / TechCrunch. If there's no actions, why not a simple top nav with title? Seems kind of unnecessary and distracting from the thing I want to read (the information on the cell I just tapped). Think about the way twitter handles tapping on a tweet. They don't bring you to the user TL, but to a expanded view of that tweet. You can find a way to merge both worlds, but right now is not good.

    On scroll inside source feed, that top bar is super crunched. Either make it larger (like instagram) or break it into two lines.

    I would reconsider that branding color to something friendlier and easier to the eyes. From the mocks I'm seeing on your web, is both a contrast nightmare on both black and white text and is way too loud to pay attention to anything else.

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