Ask DN: Britain Leaving the EU, how will it affect you?

almost 7 years ago from Joe C, Design & Development Lead

  • Maggie AppletonMaggie Appleton, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Changes the life plan a little... Am a UK citizen living in Amsterdam & working for a US company. Although it will take a few years for the immigration policy to change, am pretty frustrated we just lost the right to freely live in any EU nation.

    The depressing silver lining is that with the UK plummeting into a recession perhaps London will turn into a more affordable place to live (or so I hope...)

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    • Rasmus ErikssonRasmus Eriksson, almost 7 years ago

      Morally I sympathise with your thoughts, but as a new homeowner it terrifies me at the same time.

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    • Rebecca Reagan-Thieme, almost 7 years ago

      Life plans almost certainly changed here: I am expecting a work contract from a London company in the next two days, and I was planning to move from California with my US-citizen husband and take advantage of my EU citizenship. We're seriously reconsidering now. So sad.

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