Perfect summary of UI vs UX(

over 7 years ago from Luke Murphy, Design Advocate, zeroheight

  • Scott RileyScott Riley, over 7 years ago

    I think the most important thing for a designer is knowing how to differentiate between the two, preferably with the use of expansive and considerate visual analogies, clearly labelling the large difference between them. A designer who can take a simple item (let’s say, I don’t know, a slightly stale Hobnob biccy-wick) and clearly, effectively communicate the difference between User Interface design and User D-Generation Ex design is worth at least 80% more than a simple designer who just ‘designs fantastic products regardless of really awfully imposed and arbitrary lines between two extraordinarily overlapping skillsets ’. I mean, who is really mastering the art of semiotics and hierarchy? The designer who doesn’t bother themselves with labels, or the designer who consumes a stale biscuit in the name of enforcing the notion that there is, in fact, a huge and notable difference between User Interface design and User Excavation design? Hmmmm. Not sure about you but my money’s on the biscuit man.

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